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Care Packages and Cards


Just finished up the husband's Valentine's Day card and I love it. Now it's time for bed.jpg


One of a Kind

Love By Bee was founded in 2012 with the single mission of finding easy and fun ways to send love.  At Love By BEE, LLC, we create custom care packages, handmade cards and custom gifts that are sure to put a smile on your loved one's face. We pride ourselves on our creativity and innovation, and look forward to working with our customers to create the exact perfect gift.  Take a look at our shop and get in touch with questions or ideas. We can't wait to create fun packages, just for you!

"I really loved the care package that was put together for my friend. I knew it would be a personalized package as they have you fill out a questionnaire about the recipient. What I didn't expect was how SPOT ON the choices of gifts were. My friend actually didn't realize it was a service and thought that I had put the package together myself which speaks to how good they are at guessing your loved ones' favorite things. This is perfect for all those times you would love to put together something thoughtful and personal for someone but don't have the time to do it yourself. You will love this service!" -Nora

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